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This web site is dedicated to the women and men who operate the world's 200+ legal state operated lotteries. We have spent a career researching, writing and reporting on the global lottery industry.

There is little information that the average lottery player would find of value. The statistics we collect are by and large countable numbers audited by professionals collected and published by us. We primarily track information on lottery sales, prizes and net profit to government, advertising budgets and game design--both for TLF Publications' annual books (such as La Fleur's World Lottery Almanac) and our monthly magazine (La Fleur's Magazine).



LaFleur's 2013 Lottery Symposium


Talk Back from the 2012 Conclave


Grand Hyatt Hotel

April 28th - May 1st, 2013

Washington, D.C.


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I tremendously value the insights I am able to gather from the presentations that you coordinate and just as valuable, the ability to meet so many lottery and vendor peers and colleagues. It was a wonderful learning experience – thank you!


Thank you for a wonderful event. I learned so much and am eager to share with my team!! 


As always,  yours is the best run and most informative.


I have to say this was the best organized and most engaging industry conference I've been to yet!


We appreciate so much the effort you and your team put into making these conferences a success. Already looking forward to the next one! 


The Conclave had so much relevance for my job. I truly enjoyed being involved and networking with others who shared their knowledge with me. Huge success!


Enjoyed it… great Conclave, as usual! 


Thank you for another excellent program; the content and location were great!


Thank you we had a blast! 


Congrats! You did it again. I heard nothing but positive comments from everyone re your program.


As always - great show!  Lots of work!


I had a good time at the conclave and enjoyed sitting in on all the presentations.
It was a good show with lots of interesting discussion.  


This Conclave was very helpful for me.  For the record, I did bring home more than one idea!