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This web site is dedicated to the women and men who operate the world's 200+ legal state operated lotteries. We have spent a career researching, writing and reporting on the global lottery industry.

There is little information that the average lottery player would find of value. The statistics we collect are by and large countable numbers audited by professionals collected and published by us. We primarily track information on lottery sales, prizes and net profit to government, advertising budgets and game design--both for TLF Publications' annual books (such as La Fleur's World Lottery Almanac) and our monthly magazine (La Fleur's Magazine).


LaFleur's 2013 Lottery Conclave and Interactive Summit




San Francisco Marriott Marquis
December 3rd-6th
San Francisco, California 



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La Fleur’s 2013 Conclave & Interactive Summit Program

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9-5:30 p.m.


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SEGMENT: Social Media Case Studies


You Have 1 Million Facebook Fans—So What? Looking Beyond Page Likes

Kelly Spell, Senior Communications Specialist, Louisiana Lottery Corporation

Facebook fans – everybody wants them. But effective engagement that drives sales is about more than the number of likes on your page. The world’s largest social network is no longer a niche market that can be ignored and it isn’t just for connecting with younger players. So what is Facebook good at and how can you use it to impact the bottom line? Learn how the Louisiana Lottery is combining hard data from Facebook Insights with a little intuition for a big payoff.


Social Media Marketing: Beyond Likes, Retweets, Posts, and Hashtags

Jason Snapkoski, New Media Manager, Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency

By now social media has become a tool within every Lottery’s marketing and communications tool box. And now that it is, it’s important to begin thinking about why your social media strategy needs to be more than just number of likes or retweets, posts, or clever hashtags and…not view social media as just another marketing channel.

• Three out of four Americans use social technology.
• Social media accounts for over ¼ of all internet time.
• Social networking is the No. 1 online activity in the U.S.

Taking these statistics into consideration, plus evolving media consumption habits, social media managers must define a social media strategy to efficiently and effectively communicate content ideas. It’s these ideas that will have a profound impact on overall brand perception and message retention so your business objectives can be achieved.


Integrating New Platforms: A Primer

Andrew Leeper, Creative Coordinator, Texas Lottery

In today’s rapidly proliferating media mix, social and digital are vital tools. How you integrate these new platforms however can be the difference between just waiting for consumers to “like” your Facebook page and really driving customer interaction and sales through complimentary marketing at all levels. This presentation will look at a few examples of the Texas Lottery’s integrated marketing initiatives that leverage social and digital media to the fullest.


Panel: Examining Casual & Social Gaming

This panel will consist of key executives from the casual and social gaming industries that service the lottery industry through their licensed products for traditional scratch lottery games.

-          Matt Ross, Director, Gaming Licensing, Hasbro

-          Tony LaBorie, Sr. Product  Manager, PopCap / EA

-          Rich Roberts, CEO, Slingo


SEGMENT: Selling Online


Loto-Quebec: One Year Later (Going Online)

Elaine Thivierge, Managing Director, Marketing-Lotteries, Loto-Quebec

Lottery on the Internet was launched in Loto-Québec in August 2012, we now offer all our terminal-based draw games on the Internet.  Sales are not very high but they are still growing.  Because of their high entertainment value, the flash games (Lotto Poker, Sprinto and Lotto :D) experienced a better percentage of sales on the Internet than the lotto games.  Our biggest issue is the registration; we are exploring new tools to increase the number of “members” on  Next step will be the addition of “Light client status”,  group play on the web, the new “interactive game “ category  and more...


Digital Stamp: Simplicity, Authenticity & Commitment

Scott McWilliam, Managing Director, Marketing & Sales, Atlantic Lottery Corporation

Atlantic Lottery parked all the marketing jargon, strategy talk, and industry buzz words and simply found ways to fit into Atlantic Canadians digital lives; where they see fit. A player won’t find any spin, comment screening, or ulterior motive in AL’s Social Media footprint. This presentation will examine what is working in the lottery’s strategy, and what are the keys to effective marketing digitally versus through traditional channels.


Karma Gaming's State of Next Generation Lottery White Paper

Paul LeBlanc, CEO, Karma Gaming


Panel: Examining Casual & Social Gaming

This panel will examine the state of the digital and the lottery.

-          Scott McWilliam, Managing Director, Marketing & Sales, Atlantic Lottery Corporation

-          Paul LeBlanc, CEO, Karma Gaming

-          Jay Aird, Chief Innovation Officer, Karma Gaming

-          Elaine Thivierge, Managing Director, Marketing-Lotteries, Loto-Quebec


Conclave/Summit Sponsor Panel: Retailing Opportunities for Lotteries to Grow Sales

-          GTECH Corporation

-          InComm

-          Sean Athey, Vice President, Lottery Systems Sales, Scientific Games


Conclave Sponsor Panel: Retailing Opportunities for Lotteries to Grow Sales

-          John Pittman, VP, Marketing, INTRALOT

-          Stacie Tursi, VP of Regional Sales-Southeast, NCM Media Networks

-          Pollard Banknote

-          Tipp24



SEGMENT: Digital Marketing


Mobile Insights for Any Lottery

Tom Weber, Deputy Commissioner, Michigan Lottery

Michigan Lottery has embraced a strategy that  accepts the reality that mobile is the fastest growing technology in the history of our planet. Whether you have decided to start developing your program for mobile or not- it is already impacting your lottery. From your website, email blasts, or social programs a large number of your players are accessing your messages through mobile devices. Make the investment now to capture and engage a mobile audience- or pay for it later.


Segment Strategy for Digital Games

Ben Nicolls, Creative Services and Project Manager, Virginia Lottery

As the Virginia Lottery seeks to realize its goal of expanding the number of Virginians who play, it needs to become more relevant to a wider audience. The highly successful Jeep Seeker and Z-VA digital games represent our efforts in making this goal a reality.

Over the course of this presentation, the audience will be introduced to the Virginia Lottery’s four key consumer segments, with a particular focus on two segments with significant growth potential. A simulated and interactive game play experience for both Jeep Seeker and Z-VA then follows. Finally, the audience will be shown the results of each game – empirical proof of how these digital games increased brand relevancy and engagement among all consumer segments, and especially among the two key segments with significant growth potential.   


SEGMENT: Traditional Games Marketing


Georgia Lottery: Low Jackpot Lotto Revamped Advertising Case Study

James Hutchinson, Sr. Vice President of Marketing & Product Development, Georgia Lottery Corporation


Leading with Data, Inspired by Your Customer

Susan Golightly, Founder, Codei LLC


SEGMENT: Attracting the Elusive Younger Demographic


Delayed Transition of Young Adults

Ken Schulzke, VP, Marketing, WCLC

This presentation will examine the demographic changes regarding young adults and how it may affect lotteries. Many industry folk are concerned lotteries are no longer appealing to young adults, and therefore lotteries need new games, new distribution channels, etc. What is not considered in this view is that young adults today are not the same as they were a generation ago. Young adults are taking longer to become ‘adults’, thereby delaying their emergence as lottery players.


Panel: Will Lotteries Attract 20-Something Players?

Ken Schulzke, VP, Marketing, WCLC

Paul Lauzon, SVP & Managing Director Ipsos Reid West

This will be a point-counterpoint panel discussion leveraging academic research on the delayed  transition of young adults versus the latest results from IPSOS’ annual  syndicated study called GEMS (Gaming Emergent Market Study) tracking 18-34 year olds. Schulzke contends that there is some really good academic and sociographic  material in the field which lays out proof on the delayed transition of young adults. Lauzon counters that assuming the current lottery and/or B&M gambling  product and distribution offer remains status quo, it is inconceivable that today's younger cohorts will adopt lotteries or casino gambling when they reach their 40's and 50's (known loosely as the 'lifestage' theory”). This promises to be a contentious and discussion provoking segment of the conclave.