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This web site is dedicated to the women and men who operate the world's 200+ legal state operated lotteries. We have spent a career researching, writing and reporting on the global lottery industry.

There is little information that the average lottery player would find of value. The statistics we collect are by and large countable numbers audited by professionals collected and published by us. We primarily track information on lottery sales, prizes and net profit to government, advertising budgets and game design--both for TLF Publications' annual books (such as La Fleur's World Lottery Almanac) and our monthly magazine (La Fleur's Magazine).


LaFleur's 2012 Lottery Conclave Program


Loews Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal Orlando Resort

November 27-30, 2012

Orlando Florida



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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


5-8 p.m.

Opening Night Reception

6-8 p.m.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Opening Remarks

Terri Markle & Bruce La Fleur, Co-Publishers, La Fleur’s Magazine


-Florida Lottery Presentation

Cynthia O'Connell, Secretary, Florida Lottery


-Florida Lottery Marketing and Sales

David Bishop, Deputy Secretary, Brand Management, Florida Lottery

Tom Delacenserie, Director, Sales, Florida Lottery


-Panel: What’s ahead for USA Bloc Lottos?


Terry Rich, CEO, Iowa Lottery 

May Scheve Reardon, Executive Director, Missouri Lottery

Gary Grief, Executive Director, Texas Lottery

Buddy Roogow, Executive Director, D.C. Lottery

Moderator: Terri Markle, Publisher, La Fleur’s Magazine

So you think the big money is with Internet gaming.  Think again.  Industry experts discuss the real scoop on what is being discussed with lotto/online and why these games are the real “upside” to making your financial goals over the next two years. The emerging national brands of Powerball, Mega Millions and Hot Lotto are undergoing major changes to increase sales.  Powerball is considering a new social dimension with added-value marketing using GeoSweep’s “Treasure Hunt”.  Join us and you’ll get a “lotto” information for planning your promotions over the next 18 months.


Segment: Focus on Interactive Marketing

-Georgia Lottery: iGaming Initiative

Kurt Freedlund, COO & General Counsel, Georgia Lottery Corp. (GLC)

This presentation will take the audience through the Georgia Lottery Corporation’s (GLC) igaming initiative from start to present. GLC started in 2010 to build the bridge to the Internet with the creation of the iHOPE card, a lottery debit card. The card, together with subscription sales and play-for-free games, were intended to ensure that the GLC would be ready to move quickly when internet lottery sales were finally permitted. With the Department of Justice Opinion last December, the GLC immediately stopped the development of subscription sales and play-for-free games and moved directly to the development of internet sales of lottery products. These products include a few traditional draw games and new interactive games.


-Iowa Lottery’s Tech the Halls Success

Terry Rich, CEO, Iowa Lottery

Happy Holidays!   Our gift to you is the keys to a holiday promotion which won’t stop growing.   The Iowa Lottery originated the “Tech the Halls” idea four years ago with over 400,000 entries.  Last year the promotion topped 2 million.  Now the promotion has been re-branded as the “Winter of Winners” and its goal for this year is 6 million entries. Learn the secret in this one-time-only presentation of what occurred behind the scenes to create the promotion which continues to be copied by other lotteries. But wait, there’s more.  Participants will be given an additional key to the trademark use of this promotion. Happy Holidays from the Iowa Lottery and the La Fleurs.


-Michigan Lottery: Creating Interactive Games for Scratcher Marketing

Glenn Strong, Instant Products Manager, Michigan Lottery

The Michigan Lottery’s Interactive Bingo and Cashword games provide players with a second chance to play their ticket either online or with their smartphone for a chance to instantaneously win coupons for up to $100 off their next purchase and Player’s Club Rewards Points. The Interactive Cashword ticket, $100,000 Cashword, was recently selected as the Best New Instant Game at the 2012 World Lottery Summit. This presentation will provide attendees with a brief overview of the Interactive products, key business objectives, the analytics being applied to the program, and future plans for the products.


-D.C. Lottery: Holiday Bonus Bingo App-PDF 417 Barcode Promotion

John Gorman, Strategic Development Specialist, D.C. Lottery

In November, the D.C. Lottery is launching a first-of-its-kind mobile promotion called Holiday Bonus Bingo. Players will download an App and then scan the PDF 417 barcodes from any online bet ticket. Each scan generates a special holiday symbol, such as a snowman or gingerbread man, which fills out a bingo board. Players need all six symbols filled out on the bingo card to generate an entry into a second-chance contest. Holiday Bonus Bingo represents a very important component of the lottery’s broader mobile marketing strategy. The lottery’s objective is to raise sales through increased purchase activity, engage key market  demos with mobile gaming experience and attract new players.


-Oklahoma Lottery: Mobile Club Marketing

Jay Finks, Director of Marketing & Administration, Oklahoma Lottery Commission

The Oklahoma Lottery launched in late 2005. From a strategic marketing standpoint the lottery followed the traditional model as it relates to products, advertising strategies and brand engagement. As time went on, the lottery realized that given its competitive landscape andits legislative restrictions, it was going to be necessary to challenge traditional thinking and re-evaluate its strategies. As an organization the lottery had to look at all of its strategic marketing pillars and find new and innovative ways to engage its consumers and stimulate the brand. Thus the Oklahoma Lottery Mobile Club was born.



Tribute: David Schorr

David Schorr, CEO, Alchemy3 tragically died in a plane accident in September. There will be a brief tribute to Schorr and his contributions to the lottery industry.


12-1:30 p.m.

FLEURRY Advertising Awards Luncheon 

Attendees will have the opportunity to view all the advertising submissions for the Fleurry Advertising Competition for the best Draw Game ads at La Fleur’s 2012 Lottery Conclave.


1:30-5:30 p.m.

Sponsor Presentations

-Camelot Global Services (Program Sponsor)

Nigel Beaney, Director, Interactive Services, Camelot Global Services

Interactive Instant Win Games (IWGs) represent an entirely new and incremental opportunity for lotteries. IWGs are products that bring to life the traditional lottery scratch card in an animated, attractive way to meet the impulse purchase needs of an interactive player. Yet the international market for IWGs is still in its infancy. Camelot has developed a special report which will offer insights into industry strategies and analyze performance. As a pioneer of IWGs with over 260 games in their portfolio, Camelot is uniquely qualified to provide an overview into the unique characteristics of IWGs and their development. In calendar 2011, Camelot’s IWGs sales totaled L192.9 million.


-GTECH Corporation (Dual Sponsor)

Paul Riley, Vice President, Solutions Management, GTECH Corporation

This will be a presentation on GTECH’s Lottery Developers Network (LDN).       


-INTRALOT, Inc. (Program Sponsor)

Scott Hoss, Senior Marketing Manager, INTRALOT, Inc.

This sponsor presentation will outline what INTRALOT believe the benefits are for lotteries to move toward a paperless world from the player’s standpoint. The player would have new ways to choose their numbers instead of a play slip or bet card and would no longer receive a paper ticket from the retailer at the time of purchase. A move to paperless for draw and terminal generated games moves the lottery forward in terms of security, environment and economy. The ancillary benefit of a paperless lottery is we now have a new avenue to get to know our customer and grow our business.


-NCM Media Networks (Program Sponsor)

Stacie Tursi, VP, Regional Sales – Southeast, NCM Media Networks

Tursi will be presenting a brief overview of shifts in the media landscape, new trends in consumer behavior, and where cinema fits in the emerging ecosystem. NCM operates NCM Media Networks, a leading integrated media company reaching U.S. consumers in movie theaters, online and through mobile technology. The NCM Cinema Network and NCM Fathom present cinema advertising and events across the nation’s largest digital in-theater network, comprised of theaters owned by AMC Entertainment Inc., Cinemark Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CNK), Regal Entertainment Group (NYSE: RGC) and other leading regional theater circuits. NCM’s theater advertising network covers 181 Designated Market Areas® (49 of the top 50) and includes over 19,000 screens (over 18,100 digital).


-NeoGames (Program Sponsor)

Moti Malul, Vice President, Sales & Business Development, NeoGames 

As the pioneer of Interactive Instant Win games across the various channels, Neogames was also one of the firsts to provide Mobile Instant Win games and has gained substantial knowledge and insight for the past few years. The presentation will provide cooperative data as well as insights on mobile instant win games as an effective tool to reach younger generation by analyzing demographics, player behavior and technology challenges from Neogames and its customers’ experience.


-Pollard Banknote Limited (Program Sponsor)

Krista Stepa, Sales & Marketing Manager, U.S., Pollard Banknote Limited

Mobile devices are quickly becoming the largest engagement channel for customers. Organizations of all sizes are transforming how they interact with customers by engaging with them via their preferred communication medium—the mobile device.

If you're deciding whether your lottery needs a mobile app, this presentation will explore how some consumer product companies have successfully layered a mobile app into their marketing mix and will culminate with best practices on the subject.


-Scientific Games (Program Sponsor)

Amy Hill, Senior Vice President, MDI Interactive

Applying Social Games to Lottery Products: Identifying and Leveraging Opportunities 

Segment: Draw Game Innovation

-Spotlight: All or Nothing Launch

Robert Tirloni, Products Manager, Texas Lottery

The new Texas Lottery game, All or Nothing, launched on September 9, 2012 and provides Texans with a revolutionary way to win. All or Nothing is a 12/24 matrix game that is drawn four times a time. Players compete to win a top prize of $250,000 by matching all 12 numbers or by matching zero numbers. This presentation will focus on two rounds of player research that led to the development of the new game, the game attributes and the sales projections for All or Nothing. This will be followed with the game launch schedule and the marketing/advertising support. The presentation will conclude with actual sales/winner results.


-Spotlight: MegaDice Lotto & Pick 2 Launches

Adam Caughill, Sr. Mgr., Lottery Product Development, OLG

OLG launched two new terminal-based products in 2012 - Pick-2 and MEGADICE LOTTO. Pick-2 is the "simple" new game from OLG. $2 gets you a 2-digit number between 00-99. Match the winning two-digit number exactly to win the $99 top prize or match the first digit to win $2. The game launched in June and has proven a successful complement to OLG's Pick-3 and Pick-4 games. MEGADICE LOTTO launched in October 2012 and is OLG's second Watch'N'Win lotto game, joining the award-winning POKER LOTTO in the portfolio. MEGADICE LOTTO features an instant win experience at the time of purchase and a chance to win $100,000 in the nightly draw. Players who "roll" various dice combinations can win up to $7,500 instantly. The new game targets a younger player and OLG hopes to attract new players to the lottery category.


-Spotlight: Western Max Launch

Ken Schulzke, Vice President, Marketing, WCLC

This presentation will cover the upcoming launch of WESTERN MAX, a new regional lotto brand extension. The presentation will cover the reason for the extension, the product launch strategy, the lottery’s past success with WESTERN 649, provide game features and sales forecasts and show advertising materials. Top-line questions: Why launch another lotto brand? Why a line extension of LOTTO MAX?



5:30-7 p.m.

Private Meeting for Lottery Marketing & Sales Directors

This is a signature event at La Fleur’s conferences. Moderated by Terri Markle, publisher of La Fleur’s Magazine and 32-year industry veteran, the “behind closed doors” meeting allows lottery marketers to network on successes and failures in the lottery marketplace.

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